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About Dr. Pauline Mirakov

My name is Dr. Pauline Mirakov and I am a Doctor of Physical Therapy specializing in pelvic floor muscles and women's health. After completing my doctorate program at Long Island University, I realized that my passion lies in helping and empowering women with my skill set.

As a working professional and a mother of two young children, I know firsthand how challenging it can be and how easy it is to neglect our own health. I am here to remind you that it is always important to take control of women's health. And if you ever experience issues, it is just as important to speak up and not suffer in silence.

I am excited to be joining the Beauty MD team as a voice of education and empowerment for the community. I am here to help as many women as I can who are experiencing any type of pelvic floor issues.

For bookings, please, get in touch directly:

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